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How can I stay Christ-focused in an increasingly ethically relative environment in university?

I am finishing up my second year at university and while I have recently come back to the Lord and engaging with his Word daily, it feels like a constant uphill struggle to be authentically me in front of people or during school discussions because it feels as though my more conservative viewpoints are shunned in the academic setting. How can I stay true to my belief in God and the morals I want to uphold, be a good Christian example, and still excel in school when the students are often indoctrinated into an ethical subjectivity mindset and are actually praised for it and this is considered the "right" thing by the institution. I recall Roman 12 and Paul talking about not conforming to the world. Where I struggle most is how to then still move through my day and life, without the conformation, and not hurt people, burn bridges, or seem too "high and mighty". Where can I find help in this facet of my life?

I lack no good thing

Would you help me to understand how this applies to me, personally. It comes from psalms 34:10. The young lions do lack and suffer hunger but they that seek the Lord shall lack no good thing. I say personally because I lived in new yours and attended a church who showed me unconditional love during a time when my husband abandoned me and I was homeless. They loved me so hard that it changed me and drew me closer to God. I then moved to Chicago and was a part of a church that always said they loved me but they never talk with me, I would reach out and get no replies. But they loved me and although I hold no negative feelings, I was told by the pastor that the love I received preciously at the other church was situational and because of that season of my life. I refused to accept that because the love of God is ever present thanks to Jesus and God, my Papa. QUESTION:Do you believe this to be true what that Pastor said to me? I couldn’t find any script support his claim. And it kind of hurt me to the point where I was strained to think that living her in Chicago I will never see that kind of live again from other believers. I’ve been in Chicago for 3 years. And born and raised in New York where people kind of love me better from my experience and allow me to show them love without shutting me out.

How I found you

Hi Carey, My name is Don-Anthony. I've been a nurse for about 3 1/2 years. I wanted to fill you in on how I found your programs and also say thank you for what you are doing in my life. I was born into a Catholic home, then my mom converted to Born-Again Christianity. I went to numerous Christian based schools even an 7th Adventist school. So GOd has been a part of my life for some time. After my mom divorced I began to seperate myself from church and its teachings. Probably for about 10 years, maybe longer. I always believed in Christ and his teachings but wasn't really doing anything to grow spiritually. THen my grandmother, a very important person passed away and I found myself feeling very empty. I started praying again, I started setting aside a tithe praying to use it to help whomever God sent to me. But I still wasn't reading His Word. Whenever I would read the Bible the words and meanings seemed different from when I was younger and more spiritually involved. It was almost like reading another language. I became discouraged and stopped trying. I was still praying and tithing, but couldn't really study and understand. I found you when I was working graveyard shift. I was new at my job and was having a very rough time adjusting to the demands. So every morning after work I would listen to regular morning talk show radio programs, to try and unwind from the night's work. One morning as I was driving home a segment came on entitled "People Who Should Go to Hell" it was segment about news clips they found about people doing horrible things, and voting on which person should go to hell. As I listened, I just had this awakening. I turned it off and decided to fill my mind with positive Christ centered words instead of the crap I had been filling my head with. I did a podcast search and found you show as well as "life without limbs" I haven't listened to talk show radio since. It has really helped me to remember what I should be doing. But I still struggle when it comes to Bible study. Most people recommend John to start. I tried that but I am still having trouble getting into Bible study. I have been listening to your podcasts on Saul/Paul and would very much like to read his journey as well as king David. any recommendations on reading up on these 2 people in chronological order would be greatly appreciated as well as anything else to help with getting to know my calling through Christ. Praying for your family through these rough times. Sorry to hear about your sister, my own father is starting his cancer therapy soon. And my in-laws have numerous health and financial challenges that my wife and I are trying to help with. Thank you for making God's word a part of my life every day. God bless you and your family, Sincerely, Don-Anthony Galvan

answer to the ALS question

Carey, I love your podcast and just signed up to partner with you. Thank you so much for the clarification! I, too was also so worried when I heard it. I am learning so much about God and the Bible through your teaching. thank you!